Thursday, September 15, 2011


We had our ultrasound two weeks ago and we were told it was going to be a GIRL, but I had serious doubts. Jeremy thinks that I was just upset that he had guessed right both times and I had guessed wrong both times, but really it was because this pregnancy has been SO different than it was with Karli. But we went back in for another ultrasound because of some concerns about the baby and she is definately a girl! The baby is healthy and the concerns were just "soft markers" for possible problems but they don't think anything is actually wrong; they just wanted to freak out her mom for a few weeks. We are so excited! Now here are some new pictures of Karli.

Poor baby was sick and fell asleep in the middle of her favorite movie.

Karli got new sunglasses after she kept stealing her moms she LOVES them and wants them on any time we go out side. Ridiculously cute!

Karli playing on the tramp with her cousins and her Grandpa Quade

Karli kept getting her special new sunglasses stolen by her cousin "tiny baby lydia" what a cute little bully.

The best part about the library is the poles Karli gets to climb up and slide down. It's like a playground that has books to read. Basically the best thing ever!

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Jill McQuade said...

Such exciting news! I did the same thing with my 2nd pregnancy convinced I was having the other gender because the pregnancy was so different.
Karli is as cute as ever. I wish we could have seen you guys when we came out last month. Next June is my chance I guess :)